Thursday, May 29, 2014

Starting Over :)

I can't believe it's been 2 years since I've posted anything, but there has been a lot of healing and relearning life in that time.  I also had no idea how much time I would lose when I underwent chemo, and now that I am a month off all of the "feel good" medicines, I realize that the past 3 years have pretty much been a blur. I'm pretty sure that my life will never be the same, and in many respects, I'm very thankful for that!

Since last time I was on here, my oldest graduated high school.  I'm not sure where the time went or how I managed to get such an amazing kid, but she's truly a blessing.  Morg graduated in May 2013 and then went off to live 8 hours away from me (insert sigh here).  She just finished her first year of college and is surrounded by family so it's not as horrible as it could be.  It has been a year of trial and error with her.  I think she has majored in everything under the sun, but we are back to a business major (which is where we started).  I know that whatever she choses to do in life, she'll make a huge impact on those around her! 

The baby of the family, Hannah, just finished her sophmore year.  I really don't wish any parent to have to experience the year that we've had with her.  Honestly, most of the problems were not created by her, but it was constantly one issue after another. I'm praying the next two years will be better, but I'm not holding my breath. She started summer volleyball league today and it was nice to see such growth in her skills especially since I've had the blurry time in there. She will also be a cheerleader for her school for her junior year (we'll see how that pans out). She will keeps us smiling and laughing no matter what she does since she inherited her mom's bluntness and dad's odd sense of humor. 

During this whole experience there is one thing that has never changed...the love and support from my family. I would be lost without them especially from my husband. He has been my cheerleader, nurse, psychologist, cook, driver, voice of reason, and shoulder to cry on. I'm sure being married to an adult who acts like a 3 year old with uncontrollable temper tantrums wasn't always the easiest but he has done an amazing job helping me get through whatever irrational fit I was having and not holding it against me in the future (something I'm not sure I could've done if roles were reversed). 

So now the hard part...starting over. I have to learn to eat healthier/cleaner, take time for exercise, enjoy all the little moments with family and friends, learn to accept that I'm NOT in control of everything and if things don't go as's OK! I know this won't all happen overnight but I think this journey will be worth it. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported me, prayed for me, thought of me, and shared my story to create awareness of colon cancer in young people. I did undergo genetic testing and it has been ruled out. I just call it "God's timeout for me."  I'm excited to start this next chapter of my life and sharing it with you as I go. I'm sure it'll be another crazy ride so buckle up and hang on cause it's time for a new beginning in this beautiful
thing called life. 


  1. My seat belt is fastened...TIGHT!!! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to have my girl back!! I love you no matter what or how, but most of all, I am excited for YOU!
    Talk about every mother's worst nightmare...something horribly wrong with their child...and it doesn't matter what age of either one!!
    So here's to hanging in and hanging excitement and good times and bad times, but most of all to just having you !!!
    Thank you for not giving up...not being a quitter...for being my strong-willed child!!
    I'll love you forever...

  2. Megan and Mere- so nice to see megan back posting. You have been missed. You look wonderful. Keep us updated on whats new with you. :)